Since the iphone 3G –> 3Gs –> 4 –> 4S –> and now iPhone 5 came out, i’m sure it’ll become more difficult to find solutions (if it isn’t so already) on troubleshooting your iphone 1st generation.  So i’m posting about one particular problem i ran into here for all the other people who have been using their iphone 1st gen for 3990324234+ years or got it as a hand me down.

I had to whip this bad boy out because my 62 year old mom decided she wanted to be a hipster and use a smart phone.  (although she refuses for me to purchase any of the new smart phones for her).  Typical frugal Asian mom, completely understandable.  

So I was trying to erase and reset all the existing data from the phone via the settings menu inside the iphone, it finished, rebooted, and then gets stuck on the boot screen with the apple and rotating daisy wheel.  I thought since this phone is slow as hell, maybe it needed to take longer to boot than what i remembered a few years back (….hmmm didn’t we use to think pentium 4’s were freeken fast as hell?? try using one now…seriously.), so i left it there for  a good hour and still nothing…stuck on the same screen…however noticing it reboots itself every once in a while only to get stuck again.

Finally I found the solution on apple’s forum, which worked like a charm.

– Plug one end of the cord into your phone and the other in your computer
– Remove the cord in your computer, leaving the cord in the phone still plugged in
– Hold both the home button and on/off button on the phone
– Once the screen turns off, let go of the on/off button but continue holding the home button
– Plug in the other end of the cord in your computer while still holding the home button on the phone
– Once the apple logo appears, continue holding until you see the plug into iTunes screen on your phone
– Click restore


THANKS “T-Nice” for the solution…but why are you using a lenovo?!??! where’s the macbook?!?! ..It better at least be a ThainkPAD!…..=P jking…..kinda..

-macslut 4 life!  1st GEN iphone FTW!