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How To Install OpenVPN Access Server on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

OpenVPN Access Server’s free license provides two user accounts free of charge.

Open ports:

  • TCP:443
  • TCP:943
  • UDP:1194

Admin UI: https://YourIpAddress:943/admin
Client UI: https://YourIPAddress:943/



How to Setup gcloud Tool on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

If you see:

CommandException: arg (XXXXX) does not name a directory, bucket, or bucket subdir.

Keep in mind rsync works on directories, cp works on files.


How to Convert HTML to a PDF File in Ruby 2.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

You could test this in IRB:


How to Rsync Files Securely With and Without a Password

Interactive Commands

Unattended – Non-interactive Commands

You may want to automate backups or avoid storing passwords within scripts, etc.

Generate private/public key pairs:

 Place the public key in the authorized_keys file on the remote server:

Make sure the .ssh folder and authorized keys have the proper permissions on the remote server:

Log into the remote server:

¬†Keep in mind if you don’t have you use the “-i” option if you store your private key as ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

In order to provide a bit of security, we want to restrict this automation by source connection and authorized commands. Edit the .ssh/authorized_keys file:



We need to create the script to ensure only the rsync command is allowed for this user:

Setting the proper permissions:

Finally, test it out: