How Ruby Local Variables Interact with Blocks and Their Surrounding Scope

Sometimes the scope of a local variable is a bit confusing when working with blocks. For example, the following will result in an “undefined local variable” for variables “x” and “bacon”

Both are variables defined within a block and will be local to the block. They’re not accessible outside of the block. However, if you were to put “bacon” outside of the block:

The output would be “Turkey.” The block could change the value of a local variable in its surrounding scope. The variable “x” on the other hand is a block parameter and is always local to the block. So even if you define “x” in the surround scope, it would not adjust its value:

Now what if you want to use the variable “bacon” inside the block without having it affect the surrounding scope’s assignment? Fortunately you could tack on a semi-colon in the block parameters list and follow it with variables you want to reserve within the scope of the block:

The variables defined after the semi-colon are protected from being changed in the surround scope.

Hope this clears it up for people running into weird block issues.

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