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Author: geekbacon

Ethernet Switches

Used to be called “bridges.” Recall that there are really three types of network equipment: Hubs/Repeaters – Layer 1 devices that just forward everything blindly, including collisions/errors. Bridges/Switches...

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Layer 2 – Data Link Layer

Ethernet only deals with MAC addresses. It doesn’t involve any routing or packets. It works with Frames. Ethernet Frame: Preamble – Start bits Destination (6 bytes) – Destination MAC address Source (6 bytes)...

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Layer 1 – Physical

Fiber Multimode Fiber Singlemode Fiber Fiber Connectors SC ST LC Fiber Interfaces GBIC SFP Fiber transmitter/receivers SX LX ZX WDM Copper Ethernet Panels – 568A Straight-through – 568B Modern switches/cards...

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